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Aegina cruises


The company Aegina Cruises has been involved for more than 5 years with the development of marine tourism on the islands of Attica and the turquoise diamond waters of the Saronic Gulf with the main departure from the port of Aegina. Aegina is located in the center of the Saronic Gulf, surrounded by Agistri, Methana, Troizina, Poros and the coast of mainland Attica.

Travel daily to the beautiful island of Moni with our "fairy" , trust our experienced and well-trained staff. Aegina Cruises is made of passionate people dedicated to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. With us you will travel with us to the beautiful islands of the Saronic Gulf, wander the beautiful alleys of the islands and see picturesque ports up close.

You can choose from a wide variety of day trips through our company brochure. And of course don't forget the VIP charters that give you the opportunity to plan your own daily or weekly excursion.


We are located: 163 Afeas, Aegina.
Phone : +30 2297501182

Mobile: +30 6942950001



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